Tours – $5 per person; you are invited to take a tour and see our unique production room (it’s semi-automated!) and our barrel room!

Tastings – $10 per person; you are welcome to taste a “flight” of four rums and a vodka.  We pour 1/4 oz which is equal (=) to a 1 oz pour of wine.

Cocktails – $6 to $9 – a variety of delicious craft cocktails are available to enjoy while you are relaxing in our new redecorated retail room.  Belly up to our famous bar (it’s out of the old Las Vegas strip) or sit down at our Cottonwood bar and watch some TV as you enjoy a ‘sipping rum.

All our products are award winning at the international level; tastings of new rums are during our special events like dinners, bbqs and more special events to come.