5L Barrel Workshop July 28th 2018

Our second 5L Barrel Workshop of the summer will be the last Saturday in July. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a distiller? Make that reality, and sign up for our Workshop! Work with the owner, John Patt, and take part in the fermentations, as well as a distillation for that day. In the afternoon, use the distillate that you created and fill your own 5L Barrel. After it has aged, we will help you bottle your barrel, and then you can officially take it all home!
Total cost for 1 person, 1 barrel; $500
Total cost for 2 people, 1 barrel; $625
Limited space. Please call Deborah at 702 335 7448 to book your space.

Summer of 2018 invites you to take a walk on the “distillers” side!  Production days with the public are limited to just 7 people each, so everyone has something to do!  Participants will be hands on with the distillation process, and will help John as he takes the group through the process of the fermentations while the distilling is in process.  Each participant will get some hands on.  This workshop is done for fun, not for training, although participants will learn much during this “hands on” workshop.  

If you are interested in doing a 5L barrel, but do not have time for a workshop, that’s fine too!  We have 5L Barrel Programs for $375, which this workshop includes.  

Price includes the second appointment 9-12 months later when the D3 staff will help you bottle your “liquid Gold” and then you can take your bottles and your “Baby Barrel” home!