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13+ Years of Distilling

Award Winning

in Arizona

The climate is perfect for aging.

The production room has a state of the art still from Arnold Holstein in Germany, and the tanks were made and installed by Bavarian Breweries
out of CA.

100% fermented, distilled, aged & bottled on site.


About Gold Miner Spirits Brand

The Craft is in the Fermentation….

100% Fermented, Distilled & Bottled on-site…

Our Vision in 2010:  To be the best Rum Distillery in the South West.

The result? 13 Years of International Medals culminating in an amazing last several years!

2023: 1st place overall with a perfect score 99 at the IWSC London
(11 Year Aged Rum – Single Barrel Release and available in AZ)

2021: 9th place overall with a 97/99 Gold medal at the IWSC London.
(10 Year Aged Rum – Single Barrel Release and still available at select Total Wine stores in Arizona!)

2021: 18th place overall with a 95/99 Gold medal at the IWSC London.
(6 Year Aged Rum – Single Barrel Release and available online in AZ)

2022: Two bronze medals at the IWSC London.

2020; Two bronze medals at the IWSC London.

Five years in a row at the IWSC and all entries medaled.

We take molasses from Louisiana and ferment it in the desert Southwest.

Then we distill each small batch before transforming it into our signature products.

Gold Miner brand is Internationally awarded and medaled!

A Passion for Rum…A Passion for Whiskey…A Passion for Life!

The Craft is in the Grain…the Molasses…and the Barrel Room

100% Fermented, Distilled & Bottled on-site
Our Vision was to be the best Rum Distillery in the SouthWest. We take molasses from Louisiana, and ferment it in the desert Southwest. Then we distill each small batch before transforming it into our signature products. We are Internationally awarded and medalled!

A Passion for Rum…A Passion for Whiskey…A Passion for Life!

Gold Miner Rum

Our Signature Gold Miner White Rum is a real surprise when you first taste it. The distillate is the result of a molasses based fermentation, as opposed to white sugar or brown sugar, bring all the complexities and flavors of the molasses forward into the distillate, a taste that is closer to the traditional rums coming from the areas that use molasses traditionally.


Gold Miner Agave Rum

Our customer favorite at the tasting bar! We take our award winning dark rum and add hints of delicate specialty flavors including Agave, and we arrive at a delicious one of a kind after dinner sipping rum.


Gold Miner Barrel Reserve -Gold (5-9yrs)

All Gold wax Barrel Reserves have reached five or more years in the barrel room. The medals they have acquired for this aged Barrel Reserve rum include 2018 & 2019 Bronze medals from the London  (IWSC) International World Spirit Competition. In 2020, they were third place out of six total medal winners from the United States.  Typically seen (or tasted) as smoother than the three year, it has a wide palette appeal at the bar, fans include white wine drinkers as well as scotch drinkers (it depends on the Barrel!).  2021 saw a Gold medal from the IWSC in London (95) ranked in the top 20.  Cheers!


Gold Miner Vodka

Hardcore Vodka connoisseurs have a look of concentration on their faces when they taste our Vodka, and then admit in pleasant surprise that our Vodka has a very clean and SMOOTH taste.  Being sugar-cane-based, and therefore gluten-free, it is most like a Brazilian Cachaca in the world market.


Gold Miner 2 Year Aged Corn Whiskey

We use our delicious Corn Whiskey from our non GMO sweet seed corn, and put that in our barrel room to age.  The result is a completely pleasing but unique taste that is smooth, yet complex.  It has the upfront corn taste of a good corn whiskey, but the wood flavors enhance and cut that edge.


Gold Miner 4 Year Aged Corn Whiskey

We brought out another age group of Corn Whiskey this year 2023…  The result is a completely smooth taste that is still complex with corn flavors but completely different, in a really smooth way.


Gold Miner Dark Rum

Our Dark Rum won a bronze medal from the Ministry of Rum in 2010, and a Platinum (97) Medal in the 2011 SIP Awards.  This delicious (not so dark) rum tastes darker than it looks.  With a big bold flavor, it bursts onto your taste buds and doesn’t let go.  Favorite of the Scotch drinkers from Scotland, as well as more refined red wine drinkers, because your taste buds break it down and the flavor lasts and lasts…


Gold Miner Barrel Reserve -Black (2-4yrs)

All Barrel Reserve Black wax bottles are between two and five year aged rums. D3 brought out the first barrel aged spirit in the Spring of 2012.  This aroma and taste profile has been an award winner at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition every time they enter. From 2012 to 2018, they have received two Golds, three Silvers and three Bronze medals. Behind the bar, this is the favorite of bourbon drinkers and makes a fabulous Manhattan/Old fashioned. It’s delicious with root beer, or root beer and coconut milk. Sipping it neat or on ice is very popular.  Did I say Bourbon and Whiskey drinkers love it?  Why?  Because it’s been aging in whiskey barrels for years…


Gold Miner Barrel Reserve (11+yrs)

Barrel-aged over 11 years in a single barrel in the AZ Southwest.  Gold medal (99) at the 2023 London IWSC.  First place in the world in rum category aged 10 plus years.  Ranked 9th in World 2021 (IWSC).


Gold Miner Whiskey 7 Year

Released in March 2019, this Gold Medal winner 2018 from the LA Spirit Competition is the oldest Spirit in Arizona.  Delicious notes of citrus and cinnamon show up in this single-grain wheat whiskey.  It is very smooth and very delightful for sipping.


Gold Miner Corn Whiskey

Our master distiller started fermenting and distilling non GMO corn in January of 2019. He envisioned aging it at least four years in our special microclimate and proceeded to do so. Somehow, some samples made it to the bar, and the customer demand was “We want a corn whiskey!” D3 is all “in-house”, so this special Whiskey was fermented, distilled, and bottled at D3 in Kingman, AZ.  Tastes on the palette include buttery popcorn, creamed corn, or just the smoothest corn whiskey moonshine that you’ve experienced!



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