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Award Winning
Spirits Made in Arizona

The climate is perfect for aging.

The production room has a state of the art still from Arnold Holstein in Germany, and the tanks were made and installed by Bavarian Breweries
out of CA.

100% fermented, distilled, aged & bottled on site.


The Craft is in the Fermentation….

State-of-the-Art Production Facilities

Our production room features a cutting-edge still from the renowned Arnold Holstein in Germany. Complementing this are our expertly crafted tanks, made and installed by Bavarian Breweries of California, ensuring the highest quality throughout our process.

Crafted with Care, from Start to Finish

Every step of our process, from fermentation and distillation to aging and bottling, is conducted 100% on-site. This dedication guarantees our commitment to excellence in every bottle we produce.

Award-Winning Rums

Our rums have garnered acclaim on both national and international stages. In 2023, our 11-year barrel reserve rum received a near-perfect score at the prestigious IWSC awards in London, solidifying our reputation for excellence in the industry.

Schedule a Tasting Session

We invite you to schedule a tasting session and experience the exceptional flavors of our award-winning rums firsthand. Contact us today to arrange a visit at your convenience.

The Craft is in the Grain…the Molasses…and the Barrel Room

100% Fermented, Distilled & Bottled on-site
Our Vision was to be the best Rum Distillery in the SouthWest. We take molasses from Louisiana, and ferment it in the desert Southwest. Then we distill each small batch before transforming it into our signature products. We are Internationally awarded and medalled!

A Passion for Rum…A Passion for Whiskey…A Passion for Life!


We Do Private Parties

From private parties to specialty tours and tastings, we have something for everyone.

Desert Diamond Distillery
Kingman, Arizona


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